LEWIS AND YUL Solar Services


There are many benefits as to why homeowners should choose solar. One of the most evident is that installing solar could not only reduce, but possibly eliminate an electric bill altogether. Also, unlike most home repairs, solar is classified as an investment rather than an expense because of the returns it offers the homeowner.


  • Potentially eliminate electric bill
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • System pays for itself

An electric bill is likely a homeowner's most expensive utility bill. The costs of energy is consuming more of your money and the costs will continue rising. Installing a Lewis and Yul Solar System can significantly reduce your energy bill, if not eliminate it. How much will it cost and how many systems you need, will depend on your current energy use. Let a technician come of and make a recommendation for how you can dramatically lower your electric bill or possibly eliminate it. Unlike other modifications to your home, installing solar is considered to be an investment that over time, will pay for itself.

Want To Lower Your Electricity Bill?

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