Texture Coating

Texture Coating is a product that can offer a homeowner an alternative to regular exterior paint. Coating not only makes the home look new, but the reflective coat also reflects light, which reduces the amount of heat the home absorbs which can lower utility bills during the hot months. Coating is available in an array of colors but unlike traditional paint, it offers a life time warranty.



Make the roof you live under not only improve your curb appeal but also reduce your energy cost. Our roofing has cool roofing products reflective pigmentation which causes the sunlight to reflect off instead of allowing the house to absorb the excess heat. This saves our customers money and helps to protect the environment.


Heating & Cooling

Over 50% of an energy bill comes from the heating and cooling of your home. Installing the right products means you can experience maximum potential to reduce energy usage. Our experts can evaluate your home and determine which unit is best and get you to that perfect temperature FAST!!

LEWIS AND YUL Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Windows & Doors

Some say that windows are the eyes to the house. Installing new beautiful windows and doors on the home will quickly add curb appeal and modernize your home. In addition, the windows offered are high energy-efficient which includes a special insulation that keeps the home's temperature steady year round.

LEWIS AND YUL Solar Services


There are many benefits as to why homeowners should choose solar. One of the most evident is that installing solar could not only reduce, but possibly eliminate an electric bill altogether. Also, unlike most home repairs, solar is classified as an investment rather than an expense because of the returns it offers the homeowner.

LEWIS AND YUL Drought Tolerant Landscape Services

Landscaping/Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought-Tolerant landscaping can offer homeowners a beautiful oasis in which to escape allowing more benefits than traditional landscaping. It creates exquisite curb appeal, improves property value while also being environmentally conscience. Our Project Manager will work with you to help create a custom design that will be unique to you. A lower water bill and less yard maintenance are added benefits.

LEWIS AND YUL Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in Tubs

Walk in tubs were created to make it easier to take a bath rather than using a standard traditional bathtub. Specifically designed for those who are elderly or have impairments, which make it difficult to get in a tub. There are several kinds of walk-in tubs that can make life easier for those with mobility issues.

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