Why Upgrade

to an energy-efficient product?

Advantages of energy-efficient products

Energy efficiency means doing more with less energy – it not only benefits you, but it also improves the world by reducing the carbon footprint you leave behind. The benefits of energy efficiency are numerous. But the top five reasons to make energy-efficient upgrades in your home are:

  • Saves you money.
  • Improves the comfort of your home
  • It’s good for the environment.
  • Improves the resell value on your home
  • Enhances quality of life.

We do our part to help homeowners reduce their energy use, click here to find out how we help save you money.

Advantages of energy-efficient products


Benefits to Environment


The United States uses 56% less energy today than if we didn't have energy-efficient technologies and policies. California has saved billions and its conservation of energy and reduction in energy consumption has saved the state from having to build more power plants. If we didn't have energy efficiency, we'd have to produce or import energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal. So, energy efficiency helps us keep more resources on the earth longer.


From power plants to cars, consuming energy can produce emissions that harm our environment. But investments in energy efficiency home improvements can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most energy supplied to residences comes from burning fossil fuels, which releases pollutants into the atmosphere. The severe weather changes seen in recent year is already hurting property owners across the country and climate change can also damage public infrastructure, causing inconvenience and higher property taxes to make repairs.

Homeowners can make small changes to help reduce their energy use, by turning off lights and not using appliances until after 6pm. But, if you would prefer to make bigger energy improvements, Lewis and Yul can assess your usage and make the appropriate energy-efficient upgrades that can add up to big savings.

Decreased utility bill

The average U.S. household spends $5,550 per year on energy. But upgrading to energy-efficient products, making energy-efficient home improvements, and taking energy-efficient actions every day can save hundreds of dollars.

  • COOL ROOF cool roofing products use reflective pigmentation which causes the sunlight to reflect off instead of allowing the house to absorb the excess heat. 
  • TEX ◆ COTE (reflective coating) the reflective coat also reflects light, which reduces the amount of heat the home absorbs 
  • WINDOWS AND DOORS Our Windows and Doors are High-Performance, energy-efficient and are manufactured in California, for California.
  • SOLAR could not only reduce, but possibly eliminate an electric bill altogether.

Decrease your utility bills

Customized Upgrades for your home

Customized fit for your home


We know that every home is different. Our team will analyze your energy usage and make suggestions for products to reduce your energy use while improving the look and feel of your home.


At Lewis and Yul, we pride ourselves on being honest. We do not upsell homeowners on products they do not need.


Our team members are reliable and only install products with the highest quality. We make sure our customers are happy with the products services they receive.

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